Awaken your nose with these aroma recognition training tools.
Humans are capable of smelling more than 10,000 different aromas and can be trained to name 3,000 of them.
95% of what we experience as flavour comes from our sense of smell.

The quest to accurately name
aromas I perceive

Wine Aromas – Whisky Aromas – Coffee Aromas – Beer Aromas – Cigar Aromas – Cognac Aromas – Sake Aromas

Grape Varieties vs Appellations

Because grape varieties used are not always mentioned on wine labels...

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Wine Aroma Wheel By Aromaster

The wine tasting tool that lists the most common aromas found in wine and presents 20 grape varieties with their typical aromas

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Wine Aroma Wheel
Debra Meiburg MW
Wine aromas found in Aromaster are high quality, well selected and true to the esters found in wine. The playful approach of Aromaster makes it a fun educational kit. It is an exceptional quality tool for anyone looking to sharpen their wine tasting skills.

Debra Meiburg MW

Master of Wine, Wine Professor, Wine Journalist and International Wine Competition Judge http://www.DebraMasterOfWine.com

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