Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Aromaster?

Aromaster is an entertaining wine education tool, which helps wine lovers to develop their sense of smell and allow users to build up a memory of wine aromas. After playing with Aromaster, go back to your wine and nose it. You will see that tasting your wine becomes a new experience.

How can I use these aromas?

All aromas are safe to be inhaled only. Do not drink them or add them into your wines.

How long do aromas last?

Aromaster contains both natural aromas obtained by extraction and aromas reproduced chemically. these aromas will last for many years if you make sure that bottles are closed properly after being used.

How should I store Aromaster?

Avoid long exposure of bottles to direct sunlight as it may deteriorate their aromas. Do not keep the box in an upright position to avoid leakage, in case bottles have not been closed properly.

If I lose, drop or break a bottle, can it be replaced?

Contact us via e-mail with your address and contact details and we will organize the replacement.