“Out of five human senses, the most unused one is the sense of smell. This sense can be enhanced with education. I recommend the Aromaster set, which is a perfect training tool for identifying aromas in wine. The Aromaster is useful for both adult wine lovers, as well as for children in order to help them build a memory of smell.”

Shinya Tazaki - World Best Sommelier 1995, President of the International Sommelier Association http://www.tasaki-shinya.com/

“Having no end of fun with Aromaster wine aroma kit. Testing new aroma every time I walk by it.”

Becky Sue EpsteinWine Expert and Editor for Wine & Travel magazines http://beckysueepstein.com/about-becky-sue/

"The Aromaster’s scents are high quality, well selected and true to the esters found in wine, and its playful structure makes it a fun educational kit. It is an exceptional quality tool for anyone looking to sharpen their tasting skills."

Debra Meiburg MW - Master of Wine, Wine Professor, Wine Journalist and International Wine Competition Judge. www.DebraMasterOfWine.com

Learn the mysteries of professional tasters and wine experts in your own space at your own pace and have fun while you’re doing it. Aromaster is also the perfect game for wine buffs to enjoy in a group.

Bar Talk Magazine (12/04/2010)

An extra dimension of this revolutionary new teaching tool comes in the form of a game you can play with friends and family, and use to replace a boring quiz night.”

Maggie BealeWine Professor and Wine Columnist

“Aromaster is an amazing educational tool for serious wine drinkers. The wine fault aromas are really excellent and will sharpen your awareness of corkiness, mercaptans, brett, etc."

Chris RobinsonWine Estate Proprietor, Winemaker and International Wine Judge. www.sutherlandscreek.com

“Aromaster offers a complete collection of wine aromas, allowing me to train my nose and expand my access to the universe of wine; while its game allows me to share my passion with my friends.”

Roland Müksch - Private Banker, committee member of the Hong Kong Wine Society, Commandeur of the Commanderie de Bordeaux.

"A fun instrument for both beginners and wine experts to identify aromas in wines.... I love it!"

Kent Wong - Petrus Star Michelin restaurant Sommelier (1994-2009)
Amuse-Bouche Restaurant Wine & Bar Director http://www.amusebouche.com.hk

"Finally a luxury wine aromas kit that offers the largest selection of realistic wine scents. The Aromaster is an excellent tool for wine lovers, who wish to train their nose and a great gift for the whole family with its board game."

Roberto Garrone - Best Sommelier of Europe 2005